Yosemite Valley Elopement

    How can I describe this magical Yosemite Valley Elopement?

    Lauren and I had been friends for a while, in fact we did a styled shoot together last year- check it out here!

    Lauren is a talented florist and wedding stylist/coordinator. I had never met her now husband Satchel, but we had briefly chatted about her dating a guy she knew she was going to marry after this styled shoot! From that moment on I had an inkling we would be working together again- and I hoped it was at her wedding!

    Satchel and Lauren are super adventurous and love camping and hiking- so it made sense to get married in such a place as Yosemite. Their date was set for April- so glacier point road was closed- which honestly made me a little apprehensive as to what the scenery would be. I had been to the valley many times, but of course when I thought of Yosemite I thought of the popular overlooks and awe-inspiring views. My apprehension could not have been more wrong.

    This day was simple, meaningful, and full of beauty. It was full of a gentle beauty, one that commanded your attention and filled your soul but also was not overpowering. I feel like where they chose to get married- on the shore of the river- added to the experience in just the right way that made everyone feel present. From what I witnessed Satchel and Lauren and their families (and me!) were able to focus on being together and celebrating two becoming one without being distracted by plummeting heights or cliffs. I think it was the most perfect afternoon.

    There were so many tears shed- by me as well- and they wrapped up the ceremony with prayers and some champagne. Then I headed up to Tunnel View with the newlyweds and we did some blue hour portraits- they are my fav! How amazing is the back of Lauren’s dress?!

    Please check out Lauren’s work here:

    and more info on eloping in Yosemite:

    also a link to Rosemary & Finch, the florists (they shipped this bouquet across the country- how insane!):

    Abbey Hunter
    May 21, 2022