The Venue at Birchwood wedding

    This was one of the most beautiful, special days at the Venue at Birchwood in Nashville, Tennessee. Kody (the groom) and my husband Wesley are friends and have been for a few years. I was thrilled when they asked me to shoot their wedding.

    Kody and Katelin have so many amazing friends and family- it’s even evident looking through this gallery how surrounded and loved they are. It was such a special thing to witness and capture. The whole day was so emotional- I couldn’t help but tear up so many times while capturing it. Even now creating this blog post I found myself tearing up!

    There were a few really cool things that happened on this day. One of many testimonies- they didn’t have a huge budget for flowers but one of their friends had a baby shower they day before and matched their colors. Just so she could donate the flowers to them! How incredibly sweet! God was with them and this day- you could so clearly see it.

    My favorite part of the day (if I had to choose one) would be the ceremony. Ceremonies are always my favorite part to capture because of the pure, raw emotion that happens. I’m not directing, posing, coordinating, or doing anything else- just documenting. And those end up being my favorite photos. Scroll down to check them out!

    Check out the Venue at Birchwood:

    Abbey Hunter
    May 20, 2022