Sunset Proposal in the hills of Tennessee

    I got to capture one of my best friends proposals in my parents backyard!! They live in the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee and we picked a spot that overlooked Nashville. With the help of some friends we picked out some flowers and candles and set out some blankets. The original plan was to have a picnic with some food, but Nashville traffic made it more of an after-dark adventure.

    Funny story, right before Dani and Karlie pulled up I had all the candles lit and all the sudden it got windy. Like the air was completely still and then two minutes before a windstorm hit. I was running around frantically trying to relight the candles, and every time I would light one side the other side would go out. It just made for a stressful few minutes for me and only a few ended up being lit. But I don’t think either of them noticed at all, of course they were too focused on each other and the moment. And what a beautiful moment it was!

    My favorite part was that Dani read some scripture and they prayed together, it was so special. And Karlie’s reaction! Love these two and their love for the Lord!!!

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    Abbey Hunter
    May 19, 2023