Squalicum Beach Couple Photos | Bellingham, WA

    I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot with one of my childhood friends and her guy in Bellingham, Washington. Zoe and I were born in the same hospital in New Jersey and grew up together in Minnesota. We’ve been through everything from nap-overs to middle school drama to her signing my marriage certificate. It was so so good to see her and her boyfriend and get to take some photos of them!! We shot at a beautiful beach with the mountains in the distance and the sun was actually shining!!! It couldn’t have been prettier.

    We ended the night with some home-cooked Salmon, asparagus, and potatoes (which was heavenly for me because all I had been eating on our trip was Lara bars and wheat thins….haha). We had such a good time catching up and this area is so beautiful- I hope to be back someday!!!

    Abbey Hunter
    April 16, 2019