Southall Meadows Wedding

    This was such a beautiful day at Southall Meadows in Nashville. It was my first time shooting here- and it did not disappoint! We got a beautiful, clear, and sunny day with the best sunset.

    Grant and Megan are the sweetest couple- there is truly no better word to describe them. I feel like the best photos to showcase this are after the ceremony. You can see the pure joy on their faces as they walk back down the aisle as officially married. There were tears shed and so many happy hugs.

    The cocktail hour was dreamy- the light was perfect and there was just so much laughter everywhere. That bled into the reception, which, after a yummy dinner and some first dances, turned into the craziest party ever (in a good way!). Check out the dancing photos! I had to narrow down which photos to use, but there were sooo many fun moments.

    Again there was a sweet time at the end where Megan shed a few tears and expressed how sad she was that it was over. It was truly the best day, one I’m sure Grant and Megan will cherish forever.

    Check out Southall Meadows for more photos of the spaces and pricing options!! Such a great venue!

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    Abbey Hunter
    April 16, 2023