NYE wedding in downtown Chicago

    This was my first ever wedding on New Year’s Eve. Boy, it did not disappoint! I had been talking and planing with Abigail for months, and this day came together in the most beautiful way. Sometimes I don’t know what to expect when I walk into a wedding day or getting ready space- and it’s safe to say I was floored by how intentional and beautiful everything was. Abigail was a truly radiant bride- gorgeous inside and out and seeing her surrounded by all these people that loved her so much was so amazing to witness.

    While getting ready (which we were kinda in a rush because the sun was setting and we had to get over to the first look spot), Abigail’s necklace broke. It was a super sentimental piece and it was such a bummer. Abigail’s sister took it and rushed out, and literally returned before we were done with it fixed. She had run over to a local jeweler and had it fixed! It was just such a sweet moment of her sister coming through. Her sister also took care of me the whole day (it was my last wedding before maternity leave so I was very pregnant). She got me snacks and water and kept asking how I was. It meant SO much to me! It just was so clear to me that this family was one of the best kinds.

    There were many special moments on this day but one of the best was when the ball dropped at the very end! They had me stay until midnight and it was SO special celebrating the new year and Josh and Abigail’s marriage in this way. The streamers went off and all around me where couples kissing and people cheering. We were pretty downtown as well in Chicago so all around us were people celebrating. It was the best night.

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    Abbey Hunter
    August 1, 2023