Mt. Rainier Elopement

    This elopement at Mt. Rainier was nothing short of a dream. Jake and Olivia had reached out to me with a dream of eloping in the PNW and I think it exceeded both our expectations!

    Our original plan was for them to elope at Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula. We changed to Mt. Rainier National Park (which I had never been to before despite going to so many other surrounding locations). I was so glad we did! I did not know what I was in for when we drove up the mountain road. The park was absolutely stunning.

    The day started very very early when I showed up at their cute little A-frame cabin to capture some of the final stages of them getting ready. I set up some of their details right in front of the wood burning stove and took some shots of Olivia putting the finishing touches of her makeup and hair (which she did herself- she did amazing) and Jake putting on his shoes and boutonniere. 

    The officiant (who was also amazing, I’ll link her below) showed up and we hopped in the car together to drive up the mountain. It was an incredible drive, the sky turning from purple to blue to pink as we wound our way up. We parked just as the sun rose over the mountains and shone right on Mt. Rainier, turning it a pinkish-yellow.

    They did their first look and then the ceremony began. It was so sweet- full of joy and personal touches. My favorite moment was right after they kissed- they were so excited!!!

    We then took a few pictures in front of the gorgeous mountain range right next to Mt. Rainier, the field dotted with purple wildflowers, and they were some of my favorite out of all of them. Jake and Olivia were just in this happy daze of just being officially pronounced married!

    They then grabbed their backpacks and we hiked down a trail to find a little cove for them to read some letters their family and friends had written them. They laid out a blanket, took out some snacks and drinks, and then started reading the letters aloud. There was laughter and tears, and it was one of the most special and sweet things. It was such a cool way to involved their loved ones without them actually being there!

    At the end we grabbed a few more shots by a stream and then hiked out, the whole way chatting happily and breathing in the clear morning. It was a wonderful and meaningful morning and I am so honored I got to be there to capture it!



    Abbey Hunter
    March 21, 2022