Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge Engagement | Downtown Nashville

    I had SO much fun with Laneisha and Marquis in downtown Nashville for their engagement photos. They are seriously the most BOMB couple. They were so confident in front of the camera, they totally made my job so easy! It was so evident how comfortable they are with each other.

    I think the award for best proposal story goes to them as well haha! It’s a long story, but it ended with him proposing at KFC! I will never forget that one lol!!!

    Abbey Hunter
    March 15, 2019



    This is what a pedestrian bridge should be! Pretty to look at, affords even prettier views while at the same time being FUNCTIONAL. Unlike the pedestrian bridge downtown, this bridge actually makes sense. The bridge crosses the Cumberland River, connecting Two Rivers Park to the Greenway. Even though it is close to the highway it still manages to maintain a peacefulness. The bridge is popular with many people yet the area never seems overcrowded. This is a little far out of town, especially if you aren t an East-sider, but the drive down Briley Parkway is totally worth it.