Church Wedding in Brentwood, TN | Community Bible Church

    This day was the sweetest ever. Stephanie and Preston got married at the same place I got married, Community Bible Church in Brentwood only a couple months after I did. They are the two most caring and Christ-loving people I have ever met, being able to be apart of their wedding was such a blessing! Looking through these photos I just get reminded of the emotion of this day and how several times I myself was very close to crying!!

    The day started at a big cabin/Airbnb that Stephanie’s family had rented out. It was so fun! A lot of her family and her bridesmaids had stayed the night and I loved walking in seeing everyone sitting around in their pajamas- just waiting for the day to start!! We did some pictures at the Airbnb and then made our way to the church to get some pictures of the guys. The ceremony was beautiful and the room was covered in white!! My favorite part was the scene after the official “I do” down in the basement- from the pictures you can just see how happy they are! The whole bridal party was dancing and yelling in happiness.

    Their reception was a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream bar (it was so freakin good) and of course a lotta dancing. To end it all, they said goodbye to their friends and family in a bubble send-off. The cutest!!

    These two just radiate love and it’s so evident- enjoy!!

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    Abbey Hunter
    March 15, 2019