Chapel Elopement | Murfreesboro, TN

    Dillon and Rebecca’s day was so so special. Everything about their elopement at the Experience church in Murfreesboro was perfect! They just wanted a simple wedding with the people they loved the most- and it was exactly that!

    I started out with Rebecca in one of the back rooms behind the chapel before the wedding started. It was honestly a little hectic- but in a good way! You could tell how much everyone in that little room cared so much and was so excited for the day!

    For me, the ceremony was the absolute highlight. From the prayers, foot washing, personal vows, and communion I had tears in my eyes half the time!! It was so sweet and it reminded me of my wedding so much. I also loved that they really made the ceremony about Jesus. Everything the pastor said and everything they did just reflected their desire to live for Christ and serve him in their lives and in their marriage.

    We did family photos after the ceremony and then headed to a field for some golden hour photos with the bride and groom. We ended our time with cutting the cake on a little podium in the grass to celebrate the new husband and wife. And there definitely was some cake-smushing-in-faces involved haha.

    I feel so lucky that I got to be a part of this day, I will forever remember this!! Congrats Dillon and Rebecca!!!!

    Abbey Hunter
    March 21, 2019