No "faking it"

    for the camera on your wedding day. I hang back and let moments unfold, taking a documentary approach to weddings. I love genuine, emotional moments and my goal is to capture that authenticity in everything I do, from adventure sessions to big weddings.

    I believe in showcasing each couple's individuality and unique story. I love the in-between moments- and stay away from posed, unnatural, and stiff photos. Weddings are beautiful celebrations, and every couple’s story is different- therefore every gallery will be unique!



    Hello! I'm Abbey, a wife and wedding photographer living in Nashville with my husband, Wesley. I have a deep love for nature, finding beauty in simplicity, earthy colors, film/polaroids, any form of documentation, intentional conversations, and my King Jesus.

    I am an advocate of chasing things that make you feel deeply. Whether that is looking into the eyes of your best friend, laughing wildly with ones you love, driving with the windows down on a sunny day and the music turned up loud, late-night conversations, finishing a good book, spur-of-the-moment adventures- whatever gives YOU joy- I am here to capture that.

    I am an enneagram 1 that is often confused for a 7, complete bookworm, and lover of all things creative. In my free time I love camping/hiking with friends or my hubby, road-trips, painting/knitting/all the crafts, DIY-ing, working at my side job (painting murals), and listening to music.

    Shooting weddings is SUCH a passion of mine. I get so much joy in freezing these special, emotional moments to have forever. I am very laid back but also kind of a perfectionist (enneagram 1) so that means I work hard. I would describe myself on a wedding day as a gentle encourager. I love shooting meaningful and personal weddings- the ones that are top to bottom reflective of the bride and groom. I am a huge supporter of breaking traditions and doing things your own way!

    let's do this


    you are so welcome, friend. And I am very excited to start this journey with you!